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Mobile Marketing - SMS Short Code Keyword [SMS Pull Service / SMS Keyword Hosting
Delhi Website Designing Mobile Marketing service is simply the easiest and most inexpensive way to integrate SMS messaging into your business. Mobile Marketing and Short Code presence is no longer just for big brands! With our service, small to medium sized businesses can have the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Effective Mobile Marketing, at affordable price!

Short Code Price per 6 Months Price per 12 Months
54242 7000/- INR 12000/- INR

FREE Extras With SMS Short Code Keyword
Click to Get Instant Call From Our Sales Team FREE! SMS Autoresponder
Return Customised text to the sender
FREE! SMS Forwarding
FREE! Email Forwarding
FREE! API for Custom Applications
FREE! Web Based Control Panel
Real Time Web Based Reporting and Complete Control
FREE! SMS Analytics

What is it?

SMS Short Code Keyword service provides a simple yet effective way of returning a customized message to a mobile phone in response to a keyword that has been sent by text message. The applications of this service are extraordinarily varied, it is ideal for any business to generate leads and to reach prospective customers. The versatility and low cost of the our service means that many businesses can fully harness the power of SMS communications.

How it works?

Prospective Customer is interested in your service / product


Prospective Customer sends your company's Keyword as SMS to Shortcode from his/her mobile


Prospective customer's mobile number is forwarded to you and customized thank you SMS sent to prospect


You call prospective customer, provide required information and convert prospect into a client


Use mobile number for future mobile marketing campaigns

Key Benefits

Immediate: 'Brand in hand' and Nationwide reach.
'Spontaneity effect' - Many customers either will respond immediately to an ad, or tell themselves that they will "get to it later." Later seldom comes and they never end up contacting you. With SMS Keyword, customers are spontaneously reaching you 24/7.
Always available. Even when your business is closed or phone lines are busy.
Nationwide Reach. Works on every mobile.
Return calls at your convenience.
Rapidly acquire your own mobile phone database.
Track effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in different geographic regions.
Fixed, low cost. No per SMS cost to your company.
Easy to remember. Compliments your Sales Email Address.

Delhi Website Designing SMS Short Code Keyword service provides the finest performance, commercial messaging services to the business market. Your SMS keyword will be accessible to all mobile users across the country (INDIA). We believe in giving our clients only the best.


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