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A Blog is a new concept in  India & there is many misconceptions about it. So Delhi Website Designing have collected some common asked questions to make it clear the all round concept.

WordPress Blog Integration

Wordpress Blog Integration

Delhi Website Designing is a leading company for Wordpress customization and Wordpress implementation. If you are looking for outsourcing your Wordpress customization and Wordpress implementation to India, Delhi Website Designing fits in your requirement.

Delhi Website Designing offer various Wordpress related services which includes:
• Wordpress Implementation and Setup Services
• Wordpress Solution Development
• Wordpress Template Designing Services
• Wordpress Theme Creation Services
• Wordpress Up gradation services
• Wordpress Hosting Services
• Custom Wordpress Services

About Wordpress:
Wordpress is one of the most powerful blog publishing tools available. Today Wordpress is the most common blog and CMS platform used worldwide.
Why WordPress:
• Ease of Use
• Faster implementation
• Low Cost
• Easier Maintenance
• Easy Customization

Key Features:

Design Customization:
Templates are used to generate pages dynamically. Content presentation can be control by editing of template. Editing of templates are done by template editor tools and other extensions.

Themes / Skins:
Delhi Website Designing can customize the look and feel with various theme templates and skin available. Delhi Website Designing can also create a customized template as per need and implement in Wordpress.

There are various plugin available free or with some nominal charges which can be integrated with Wordpress which extends the capabilities and features.

Sharing of information is core fundamentals of Delhi Website Designing and blogs. Wordpress supports almost all the available feeds like RDF, RSS 2.0, ATOM and podcasts.

Inter-blog Communication
Pingback and Trackback features allow interblog communication and share of data. It allows you to coonect to other Blogs and other Blogs can connect to you.

Future Posting:
Future posting functionality allows to post in real time but can be published at a defined future date.

Preview allows you to preview your post before posting.

Wordpress allows an unfinished post or article to save in draft mode for later publishing or editing.

Wordpress allows you to archive your post in a organized manner. You can archive your post in yearly, monthly, Delhi Website Designingekly, daily, category-wise or author-wise which helps you to manage post in a systematic manner.

Wordpress allows visitors to search for various keywords with which they are interested. It is a prebuilt functionality and makes easier for visitors to find information.

There are many other features which come with Wordpress.

Why you need a Blog:
Blog was initially a personal diary with no business motive, which later on became a mass hysteria. Soon corporate world joined the movement in effort to advertise and communicate with their customers and market.

Today Blog has become essential for every business as an effective tool for word to mouth advertisement for their product or services.

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Brand Awareness:

Blogs are a great tool for brand awareness. The more people see and visit your blog, more they remember you. A blog with several posts about your brand will help your brand more memorable.

Relationship Marketing:
Blogs are most promising tool for relationship marketing as it helps you to communicate and reach wider audience. It allows two way communications when you get more feedback about your product and services and customer feels associated with your company.

It gives you the most frank opinion than any other research tools available on your brand, products and services.

Dynamic Blog & WordPress Integration

Word to mouth marketing:
Blogs not only bring your customers near you but also create a buzz about you and avid blogger bring their groups to your blog and in turn a wide range of people knows about your products and services.

How Delhi Website Designing can help you..
Setting up blog is the easiest thing, even for a technically challenged person. Then you can ask why I need a company  for blog development.

The ansDelhi Website Designingr is simple. If you want a plane word press theme hosted on your server. It is a few days’ jobs.

But the moment you think of the following:
• Unique design and template customization
• Third party add-ons
• Add-on features

You require professional services for the above said features. Delhi Website Designing can help you in setting up a simple blog as Delhi Website Designingll as developing blogs as per your requirements.

If you are looking for a blog designing, blog development companies in India, contact us today for more details.